Supply Lists
Supply Lists
Posted on 07/17/2017

Sixth Grade

General Supplies:
Notebook paper

Math, Language Arts and Science:
Two inch binders (3 - one per class)

Social Studies:
One inch binder

AVID Students:
(1) Three inch binder to hold all subjects

Classroom Wish List:
Antibacterial Wipes
Liquid Hand Soap

*Please note that these are general supplies; individual teachers may
have specific requests at the start of the school year.

Seventh Grade

Day Planner/Calendar/Assignment Book
3 inch binder
6 one subject spiral notebooks
Hand pencil sharpener with reservoir
Pencil pouch
Colored pencils
3 x 5 index cards
Glue Sticks
Ruled notebook paper
Graph paper
Paper towels
Box of tissues
Hand soap
Clorox of Lysol cleaning wipes

*Please note that these are general supply suggestions; individual teachers may have specific requests at the start of the school year.

Eighth Grade


  • Roll of paper towels (requested)

  • Box of tissues (requested)

  • Container of cleaning wipes (requested)


  • Composition notebook (required)

  • Pencils (required)

  • Loose leaf notebook paper (required)

  • Highlighters - multiple colors (recommended)

  • Colored pencils and hand-held sharpener (recommended)

  • Student scissors (recommended)

  • Bottle of white glue to donate to the class → will be shared by class members (requested)

Social Studies

  • Composition notebook (required)

  • pencils/pens (required)

  • Colored pencils and hand-held sharpener (recommended)


  • 2 Composition notebooks (required)

  • pencils/pens (required)

  • Loose leaf notebook paper (required)

  • Red pens (required)

  • Highlighters - multiple colors (recommended)

  • Post it notes (recommended)

  • 2 or 3” binder and dividers  (recommended)


  • Spiral Notebooks; 3-4 for the year (required)

  • Pencils/sharpener (required)

  • Graph paper (required)

  • Set of dry erase markers (required)

  • TI-84 Plus graphing calculator** (requested, but highly recommended for 8th grade math; Strongly requested for Math 1 students)

**Graphing calculators can be found on Amazon for around $109. Refurbished ones can be found on EBay for as little as $40. Walmart sometimes offers good deals. Locally, Staples sells this calculator, but they are the most expensive at $119. Your child will use this calculator throughout their 8th grade year and on into high school and college. It is truly worth the investment.